Experience a new Web

Experience is a set of non-traditional GUI gadgets that are usable and good-looking. Written in JavaScript, the library is still in beta state but components are fully functional. See the demonstration page.

  • Improve user experience.
  • Painlessly add components to existing code (it could be just a couple of JavaScript lines.)
  • Supports Mozilla (Firefox), Opera, Internet Explorer 5.5+, and Konqueror (it's not tested on Safari yet but it should work fine.)
  • Supports i18n.

The Components

There are currently two component released: Experience::Panorama is an image viewer with panning and zooming support so that users don't have to deal with annoying scrollbars. The library also contains an advanced weighted list (tag cloud) generator component named Experience::Cloudy. A slide show component with different "modes" will soon join the library.